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It’s a Positivity

The world needs healing more than ever. At RenewMe we believe that together we can make our world a more balanced and happy place, and it begins with you!

By unleashing your strength and wisdom from within to meet everyday life challenges and stressors, you can experience more happiness and peace of mind.

RenewMe is not just a self-help brand dedicated to helping corporations enhance their missions of helping members stay well and be balanced, it's a brand of positive growth-centered individuals committed to wellness, embracing the positive, and inspiring the world at large.

A balanced and joyful world begins with you!

Renew Your Soul

RenewMe is much more than your ordinary mindfulness app. It is an all-access smartphone pass to a world of balance and renewal.

RenewMe helps you consistently develop the positive mindset needed improve self-esteem, communication, skillful living, confidence, relationships, motivation, body image, productivity, and overall happiness!


Boost Confidence


It begins with assessing your personal needs and your level of life balance to see what your current strengths and limitations are and where you may need more improvement to enhance a greater sense of personal power and life balance.


Keeps you motivated with daily pep talks, personalized, motivational audio tracks, resources for healing, a library of over 200+ mindfulness and wisdoms for inner-peace, self-growth, confidence, and better sleep.

Goals & Progress

Helps you stay on track with your progress and daily wellness goals building on your strengths, and guiding you to coping skills best suited for you. Additionally, RenewMe offers a suite of health and wellness articles and treatment resources.


Renew Your Soul

Mindfulness is one aspect of living a balanced life. Unlike other  mindfulness brands only feature meditations, RenewMe offers a wide array of tools to help you peel away stress and improve skillful living and skillful thinking to enhance motivation, healthy living, coping skills, confidence, relationships, manifest goals, improve happiness, relax and sleep better, and be balanced!

RenewMe offers over 200+ audio tracks revealing wisdoms and mindfulness from leading psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer, whose center was Ranked #1 for the treatment of PTSD in the US by Newsmax in 2017.  The wisdoms and resources can practically applied to everyday life to improve your stability, productivity, and relationships.


Peace of Mind

The everyday mind can be quite hectic. RenewMe brand is dedicated to bringing you the best in life balance through exploring yourself through a variety of fun, interactive, digital products to make your life easier, more productive, and to inspire a positive mind. The products are designed to help you more powerfully access your subconscious mind to enhance skillful thinking and skillful living in all that you do, whether you are at home, busy at work, enjoying your favorite meal, or traveling to your next destination!


Meet Dr. Lisa Palmer

RenewMe brand is the brainchild of leading psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer, who is one of few psychotherapists in the tech world developing self-help products. Dr. Palmer is founder of The Renew Center of Florida, ranked #1 in the U.S. for the Treatment of PTSD. RenewMe is an extension of her practiced mindset on how to lead a balanced, awakened, and extraordinary life.

Dr. Palmer has long been fascinated by neuroscience, states of healing, and renewing the mind and body. An artist of transformation, Dr. Palmer’s methods have garnered national and international appeal drawing patients from across the globe to successfully peel away stress and unwanted symptoms, re-author their existences, and dissolve issues at their root by re-imprinting negative memories in the subconscious and changing negative belief systems. She is a regularly featured expert on national and international television programs. Read the success stories....

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What people are saying
"Dr. Lisa Palmer brilliantly reveals how anyone can move beyond their current circumstances
to living an extraordinary and unstoppable life."
Cynthia Kersey
Author of "Unstoppable "
What people are saying
"Dr. Lisa Palmer has emerged as an architect of breakthroughs. She brilliantly unearths intimate and precious core characteristics of your individual blueprint into believing all things are possible."
Mark Victor Hanson
Co-Creator, #1 New York Best-Selling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul, Co-Author, The One Minute Millionaire
What people are saying
"Dr. Lisa is passionate about sharing how you can make your dreams come true on step
at a time. Let her inspire you to be all you were meant to be!"
Kay Allenbaugh
Author of National Best-Selling Series Chocolate for the Woman Soul