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Our Global Mission

RenewMe is a purpose-driven brand with a mission of mental health awareness, harmonizing the best in psychology and technology with something for everyone — from the employee to the traveler — to lead a more balanced life.

Made by tech-savvy millennials with future generations in mind, RenewMe transports you into a mesmerizing world of renewal building upon your strengths from within. This solution-oriented iOS “superapp” is more than mindfulness, it is focused on enhancing self-growth. Combining chic and trendy features with a world class user-friendly interface, it is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Powered by former senior Apple engineers, every aspect of this innovative concept is carefully constructed and inspired by the breadth of real-life experiences of one of America’s leading psychotherapists who now joins the ranks of few women in the exclusive space of iOS technology.


Are You Balanced?

Take a quick and easy test to assess your goals and measure your level of life balance. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, and begin your journey to a more productive and happy existence.


Skillful Living

Discover coping skills and daily habits best suited to match your balance needs to help you be your best self.


Relax & Renew

Ease tension and boost a positive mindset with 1-10 minute audio tracks to improve health, self-esteem, mindfulness, motivation, relationships, body image, confidence, coping skills, self-awareness, and happiness.


Sleep Escape

Drift into a world of peace and tranquility with bedtime journeys designed to gently nurture your well-being and enhance relaxation, imagination, and positive beliefs while you rest.


Set Goals & Track Progress

Take a minute to track small but significant steps each day on your journey to wellness. Earn sparkles and achieve rewards and wisdoms to inspire progress towards greater life balance.


Stay Motivated

Pep Talks, affirmations, and spotlight influencers inspire you to lead a more productive and balanced life.


Talk to iRenewMe

Ask questions to RenewMe artificial intelligence about how to navigate life’s common programs and lead a more balanced existence.


Fitness on the Go

Stay healthy and fit whether at home or traveling with simple exercises to help you regain and maintain balance and vitality.


Get Connected

Chat with inspiring influencers and coaches to enhance knowledge, self-growth, and achieve success. Share with friends.


Resources &

Discover articles, resources, and treatment to empower self-growth and recovery.

Mde with Lve.

Where Psychology Meets Technology

RenewMe combines psychology with the power of advanced technology engineered by former Apple engineers to empower employees and customers of global brands with a mission of helping them lead a more happy and balanced life.

Mission of Mental Health Awareness

RenewMe brand is the brainchild of leading psychotherapist and national media personality Dr. Lisa Palmer, founder of The Renew Center of Florida Ranked #1 in the U.S. for the Treatment of PTSD, and the first female psychotherapist and minority woman in business to develop a self-help smartphone app of its kind.

Powered by Former Apple Engineers

Our development team includes former Senior iOS Engineers at Apple Inc. (from 2011 to 2015) where they were responsible for building and maintaining iOS, iPad, AppleTV and AppleWatch apps for the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Trailers, Apple Remote, iTunes U, Podcasts and Apple Music.


What People Are Saying...

"Dr. Lisa Palmer brilliantly reveals how anyone can move beyond their current circumstances to living an extraordinary and unstoppable life!"

Cynthia Kersey
Author of “Unstoppable”

"Dr. Lisa is passionate about sharing how you can make your dreams come true one step at a time. Let her inspire you to be all you were meant to be!"

Kay Allenbaugh
Author of “Chocolate for a Woman's Soul”

"Dr. Lisa Palmer has emerged as an architect of breakthroughs. She brilliantly unearths intimate and precious core characteristics of your individual blueprint into believing all things are possible"

Mark Victor Hanson
Author of “The Power of Focus”

"I feel Dr. Palmer's soulful energy coming through RenewMe. There is so much truth and honesty in the audio tracks. It speaks to me, and is just what I needed to hear at this time in my life!"

New York

"Dr. Palmer's voice is wonderful and very relaxing! I love listening and I learn so much that helps me improve my self-esteem. I am coping better in life in general and am more productive!"


"So far, RenewMe is awesome! It has a unique quality. There is a great honesty that comes across. It speaks to you. I trust Dr. Palmer's work, love the stories, and love the sound of Dr. Palmer's voice!"


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Created by Former Apple Developers and Founded by America’s Leading Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa Palmer, Director of The Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 for Treatment of PTSD in US.

Live Better. Breathe Deeper. Be Balanced.