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Welcome to Soulscape

Soulscape was created from the belief that as we travel for business and pleasure we can create a stress free, balanced, and relaxing experience every step of the way that positively impacts our well-being. Developed by Dr. Lisa Palmer, Soulscape is infusing wellness on your journey to your final destinations every step of the way – from exploring places to go, easily accessible booking, tips on preparing for your journey, and mindfulness to manage stress, anxiety and sleep.

You will find all the tools you will need in this platform to maximize your positive experiences and minimize the negative effects travel have on your mind and body.  Soulscape indulges you with a plethora of guides and resources to enhance your wanderlust and luxury experiences - including packing checklists, check-in and check-out guides, access to weather, news, healthy living articles, and exclusive Soulscape meditations to awaken peace and calm within and invigorate the travelers soul.

Featured in:

Travel Tips and Check-Lists

Whether you are a hotel guest, a jet-setter on-the-go, or cruising to your next destination, Soulscape has you covered with easy travel tips for packing, checking-in, checking-out, and mindfulness on your journey to invite the Soulscape experience of life balance wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Travel Safe

Traveling can reduce stress or increase it, especially if your travel plans make an unfortunate turn. Before you pack your bags to your final destination, let Soulscape help you with essential travel tips along with  safety and security considerations so you can have a balanced wanderlust experience throughout every leg of your trip.

Stay Healthy

Traveling is fun and exciting, but can also be stressful at times. It’s easy to lose yourself along the way. With Soulscape by your side, you can beat the hustle and bustle and get the most health and balance out of your travel adventures with unique guides on how to stay mentally calm and balanced on-the-go. Discover simple ways of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and maintain peace of mind to create a luxury experience wherever you may be.

Mindful Traveler

Everywhere you go, you take you with you. At Soulscape we know that one’s mindset is key to happier and more peaceful travels. This is why we have created exclusive mindfulness and motivational content by renowned hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer to help you wake up happier, relax through stressful moments on your trip, and perhaps help you to get a better night’s sleep. Afterall, when you feel better, you do better, and there is so much to see and be grateful for on your journey.

Book a Trip

Convenience and organization is part of helping you be a more balanced traveler for a hassle-free experience. Soulscape is your dedicated one-stop shop access to check on live weather updates and news around the world, and easily access bookings partners to plan trips to favorite destinations for airlines, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and all-inclusive trips.