About the Founder

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Dr. Lisa Palmer

Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT, CRRT wants you to lead a healthy and balanced life! She is the brainchild and inspiration behind RenewMe brand.

A leading psychotherapist, healer, and internationally recognized media expert, Dr. Palmer’s  success and expertise have garnered national and international appeal and she is a frequently featured expert on network television.

Dr. Palmer is the founder and director of The Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 Center for the Treatment of PTSD and Trauma in the US. Patients from across the globe are drawn to her unique healing techniques that quickly, effectively, and successfully change how the subconscious mind reacts to traumatic memories, removing negative imprints to help patients quickly and effectively re-author memories more positively from the subconscious.

At The Renew Center of Florida, Dr. Palmer helps you to reshape your future by resolving problems at the root, changing core belief systems, and reprogramming how your mind reacts to events, thus relieving symptoms, helping you make new and better choices and live more balanced.

Dr. Palmer has long been fascinated by neuroscience, states of healing, and renewing the mind and body. An artist of human transformation, her intensive programs focus on systemic and solution-oriented approaches that have helped thousands of people from around the world rapidly transform from tough-to-beat debilitating co-occurring issues - eating disorders, mood instability, traumas, addictions - resolving issues at the root and creating new empowering imprints relieving painful and negative memories. Her interesting and hypnotic techniques peel away distress, pain, guilt, shame, humiliation, loss of power, and fear helping you sleep better, feel better, and perform optimally in all aspects of life!

While RenewMe brand is not considered to be therapy in itself, Dr. Palmer feels extremely passionate bringing you and your organization and customers, the best of what any digital suite can offer to enhance employee and customer confidence, improve productivity, and increase coping skills and overall wellness.

RenewMe aims to help subscribers enhance all aspects of self by nurturing them from deep within the subconscious mind to create more peace, relaxation, self-esteem, motivation, and personal growth. Whether you are at work, at home, or traveling to your next destination, with RenewMe on your side, you can peel away stress with all-inclusive access to coping skills, wisdoms, and resources to help you live better and be balanced!

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A Greater Life Balance

In early 2018, Dr. Lisa Palmer, a former Miss Vermont USA, was inspired to take a leap of faith and venture into the world of technology in an effort to bring mindfulness, practical wisdom, and balance into digital devices, including the use of artificial intelligence. RenewMe brand is a product of years in the making, built on a philosophy and extension of her practiced mindset of how to lead a more balanced, awakened, and extraordinary life.

A self-made entrepreneur, Dr. Palmer, knows how important balance is to leading a productive and happy life. She also knows that no one is immune from traumas, hurts, and stressors which can create negative beliefs and disrupt a sense of peace of mind.

One of few women psychotherapists in technology, Dr. Palmer decided to develop RenewMe and its sister Soulscape to help corporations and hospitality brands enhance their missions to improve life balance for their customers and employees.

RenewMe's mission is to utilize this easily accessible digital platforms to help subscribers become better versions of themselves. The apps developed by Dr. Palmer and former Senior Apple Engineers, features the voice and inspiration of Dr. Palmer, along with a pocket-guide to a world of inner-peace, strength, confidence, freedom, motivation, happiness and greater life balance.


Mindfulness Movement

RenewMe is much more than a balance brand, it is also a movement of popular corporate and hospitality brands dedicated to improving the lives of their employees, members, and customers.

Whether you are a first-responder, student, customer, or frequent traveler, you can create a greater sense of peace, freedom and productivity when you feel happier. This means that everything you experience, even a cup of coffee, is better when you are balanced.

RenewMe puts the focus on helping you improve your inner world. Whether it is better sleep, relaxation, or the skillful thinking tools you need to change how you experience everyday life, RenewMe is designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

It is our mission to improve the lives of each person, so that together we can make the world a better place.